Best Romantic Castles of Germany!

Our Romantic Castles of Germany will take us from San Francisco to Germany we will visit the best and most amazing romantic castles of Germany. 

Best European Destinations
Best European Destinations
Best European Destinations
Best European Destinations
Best European Derstinations

Burgdorf's Hotel & Restaurant and Abby Ruins

Burgdorf's Hotel & Restaurant is located in the countryside near Bremen in the small town of Hude. Wonderful local cuisine is served in the new conservatory restaurant or on the beautiful terrace under the shade of the trees.
Burgdorf's Hotel & Restaurant is a short walk from the train station, has an indoor swimming pool and take a stroll through the historic abbey ruins.

Marienburg Castle

If you have a car, just short drive from anywhere in Germany is Marienburg Castle.

A fun stop on your way to Trendelburg or other destinations. 

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Trendelburg, Germany

Another hour and a half and you are at Burg Trendelburg.

This is truly one of the most romantic and unique castle hotels in Europe.

Book early and reserve the rapunzel tower room!

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Rothenberg on der Tauber, Germany

One of the most visited storybook castle villages in the world is Rothenberg on the Tauber River. Explore the castle walls and visit the spectacular Kings Garden. Shop in many

Hotel across the street is Burg Gartenpalais

Kings Garden walk

Teddy Bear Store 

Clock Tower Square


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Stettenfels Castle

On your way south make a stop at Stettenfels Castle for lunch.

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Fussen, Germany

Fussen is your base for visits to the amazing castles of King Ludwig.

First on the list is Neuschwanstein Castle, said to be the inspiration for the Disney Castle. 

Hotel Hirsch, in Fussen is a wonderful little hotel located just steps from several great restaurants, not the least of which is located in the hotel 

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Best Castle Tour

Located near Fussen are the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and the … Castle.

I highly recommend the Neuschwanstein tour.

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Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle (German: Burg Eltz) is a medieval castle nestled in the hills above the Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, Germany. It is still owned by a branch of House of Eltz who have lived there since the 12th century. Eltz Castle along with Bürresheim Castle and Lissingen Castle are the only castles in the Eifel region which have never been destroyed.

Romantic castles of Germany Burg Eltz

Rheinfels Castle

Rheinfels Castle, once the home of the Counts of Katzenelnbogen, now also houses a 4-star superior hotel. The Hotel Schloss Rheinfels has been an owner-managed hotel for over 30 years and is perfectly integrated into parts of the historic Rheinfels Castle in the region of the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine. The location of the hotel in St. Goar am Rhein also allows a direct view of the famous rock of the Loreley.

Castles of Germany Burg Reinfels
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